I like to share my experiences in hopes they inspire you to create your own fulfilling lifestyle!  


Hello my name is Sara and I am starting my first blogging journey. This space is to inspire you to find happiness in your life while juggling your lifestyle. On my free time I do enjoy a variety of activities that entail a spectrum of excitement wherever I am. I love exploring the outdoors, capturing pictures of nature-- especially waterfalls. Water is my obsession as we are approximately 60% made of it and I dream that everyone on the planet has access to safe drinking water. I live in Ontario, Canada, but grew up in Vancouver, British Colombia where I took an appreciation for fresh water during my childhood hikes. When I am not thinking of water lol I am thinking of creative projects that deal with wellness that make life a little more functional, seamless, enjoyable, and serene.


A peace of mind is a clear mind and a happy mind, and with my blog I hope you find inspiration that will also bring you serenity!